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10 Hobbies That Make People Un-Dateable: Pranks, Social Media, and Gambling

Everyone on the dating scene has at least ONE deal-breaker, but people online are talking specifically about HOBBIES that are red flags. Here are a few:


1. Pranking people, particularly mean-spirited pranks.


2. Being obsessed with celebrity culture especially worshipping celebrities.


3. Being obsessed with politics, particularly when it's rage- and hate-fueled.


4. Bullfighting, dog-fighting, or anything else that's harmful to animals.


5. Collecting controversial memorabilia like things involving serial killers, Nazis, pornography, taxidermy, and things with racist or hateful symbols.


6. Being a social media "influencer." 


7. Gambling, it's both the financial risk AND the personality.


8. Smoking weed, and a few people said drinking. Again, not occasionally partaking, it's making it a HOBBY and a big part of your personality.



And these last two go hand-in-hand:



9. People who are so extreme and obsessive about their hobbies that it consumes all their time, and it's basically a REQUIREMENT that everyone around them shares an interest in that hobby. Which is MORE than a "hobby."


10. People who have ZERO hobbies.




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