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15 Jobs That Are a Lot Less Fun Than Most People Expect

Someone recently asked the internet, "Which job is a LOT less fun than most people expect?" And people from all walks of life came in to rain on everyone's "dream job" parade. Here are some of them:


1. Anything freelance. Finding work is a hassle, getting paid is a hassle, and you're on your own for benefits and retirement.


2. Being a touring musician. It's boring, there's too much waiting around and there's also the travel grind and the unusual hours.


3. Working in the film industry. It's a demanding job there's stressful deadlines and you're usually working to execute someone else's vision.


4. Video game testing. Playing a video game is fun testing the same elements over and over again for weeks is not. It's mindless and repetitive.


5. Bartending. There's a lot of dealing with drunken idiots. In fact, one person compares it to babysitting toddlers, while people are yelling at you.


6. Beer brewing. It can be a lot of physical work, and very long hours. One person said, "It's like a wet, hot janitorial job, where you get a beer at the end."


7. Working in tech. You often work a lot of hours, stressful hours.


8. Traveling salesperson. Some people think constant travel is sexy but in reality, it's an endless cycle of: Airport - hotel - boardroom - hotel - airport, with no time to sightsee or explore.


9. Scuba instructor. Someone said it ruined the hobby for them quote, "It's herding cats, and nursing someone with a 'sore ear because they can't equalize.'"


10. Park ranger. Someone said it's AWESOME. So what's the problem? One ranger said you're basically paid in "smiles and sunsets."


11. Working at Disneyland. This one seems self-explanatory.


12. Doggy daycare. This one also seems self-explanatory.


13. Working for the FBI. You're a "government slave," spending "99% of their time working ridiculous hours in a cube disconnected from reality and human emotion. And 1% of their time doing something cool."


14. Tattoo artist and body piercer. "People generally have dumb, boring ideas, and don't shower enough."


15. Driving the Zamboni. "You flip a few levers at the start, flip them again when done. Drive in a circle for the rest of it. Stress goes through the roof when something breaks."




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