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10 Everyday Things That Used to Be Normal . . . But Are Dangerous

Some people may claim the world is more dangerous than it was in the "good old days." But it's partially an ignorance-is-bliss situation . . . because we KNOW about more dangers than we did then.


There's a list online of old common household items that are now considered "super dangerous." It includes:


1. Lead-based paint and leaded gas.


2. Chemically-made colors, with arsenic pigments.


3. Buildings and household appliances that contained asbestos.


4. Batteries and fertilizer containing cadmium.


5. Talc in baby powder and cosmetic powders that's been linked to cancer.


6. Teflon in non-stick cookware, which has cancer-causing chemicals. The primary concern is a chemical called "perfluorooctanoic acid," which was used to make Teflon until 2013.


7. Science teachers using liquid mercury in school experiments.


8. Cars only started requiring seatbelts in 1966, and in some states it took decades for seatbelts to become the law. Also: Car seats for babies didn't become a mainstream thing until the '80s.


9. Around 50 years ago, hitchhiking was a common way of getting around.


10. There's also cigarettes. And while people have known for a while that cigarettes can't be good for you . . . it's only been about 20 years since people were stopped from smoking indoors at restaurants, bars, and venues.





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