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She won Star Party tickets with this picture

Hi Dave, Falen and Steve,

First off, I have to say I am a huge fan of your show!  I listen to the podcast after the fact every day and it kills me that I can’t call in and be involved on the live show. I sit at my desk with my headphones on and my office mate looks at me like I am crazy every time I laugh at what seems like nothing to him.  I am 38, spunky, and a mom of two and feel like I relate to each of you on so many levels.

Dave (aka Daddy Fat Chops), you have the “dad” quality that I feel like I look to for advice, seriously my husband is getting sick of me saying “Dave says this.”  However, you are way too young to be my dad!

Falen, well, if we met we would be best friends (does every random girl say this to you?)  You are funny, feisty and inspiring! And your hair is killer! #adorable

Steve-O, your kids stories are always right in my wheel house since our kids are the same age. However, I actually give real candy to trick-or-treaters ;)

Okay, I have a quick story for you.  My best friend, a mom of two sets of twins- yes, I said that right, won Pink tickets last month and took me to the concert. It was AMAZING!  Also, the first concert I have been to since I saw the Goo Goo Dolls 19 years ago in the gym at my college.  Lame, I know. So I have been listening to you advertise Star Party tickets and would just die if I could get a pair and pay my friend back for taking me to Pink!  I will do anything!!  Can I send Pearson’s Nut Rolls for Dave or some kind of cupcake for Falen, or some nasty trunk candy for Steve?  I am bribing here and I know it sounds pathetic, but I will stoop to that level. 

Anyway, thanks for reading my letter and making me laugh every day! Love you guys!

Ann Michel

P.S. If you want to party with some more fun Minnesota girls, I could bring my friends!

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