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Falen's Christmas Vacation Pictures!

Hi! Long time no talk:) I hope you had at least a couple of days off this holiday. I always save up vacation days for the week of Christmas. I like the extra time with family and a little "reset". I've been seeing people create a list of their "Ins and Outs" for 2024. I have a few, but I'm not sure mine is complete yet! ha!

Friday after the show I met the Jason Show crew for a cocktail! I had so much fun filling in on that show. Going into the new year, I can say that was so much fun, and now I will finally be able to figure out my "new normal" with my schedule. lol!

Christmas Eve we had Jake's family over, and we played our usual game of left, right, center. Even Olive played this year. Jake and my mom won the cash prizes.

Oh! And have I mentioned we are fostering 2 baby pomeranians?! They're through Underdog Rescue, which is where we got Dolly. It looks like Gravy found a home, he's the chocolate one. Now I'm just trying to find a home for Tato. It did reconfirm I am not ready for a new pup...because if I didn't cave for these cuties, I am not ready lol

Christmas morning was great! We opened presents, lounged and then went to see Wonka. I didn't have a ton of interest in seeing it, but Jake wanted to, so we did. I thought it was okay lol. I also saw Migration which was cute, and I did watch Saltburn. If you haven't heard anything about it...just prepare...it is a very adult movie lol! I've been loving the TikTok reaction videos to the bathtub and grave scene.

The day after Christmas we went to the zoo to just get out and do some walking.

I met up with a couple of friends for coffee...Jenny and our old night guy, E.White!

Olive read some stories to the pups!

And as predicted for NYE we were in bed by 9:30 or 10. We had an early dinner and drink with Jake's siblings. I hope you had a great NYE! Thank you for spending another year with me. I truly appreciate it! Here's to 2024!

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