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Falen's 4th of July Weekend Pictures

Happy 4th of July! I don't remember ever having 2 days off like this from work unless I was using vacation. It was a nice recharge! It's funny, but I have this idea that if I didn't work, I'd be a totally different person. I'd wake up and do a workout class or go for a long walk, then paint, make glorious meals, read...etc...I know I wouldn't do that in reality! LOL! It's a fun dream world.

Friday I had a few friends over. I used to throw pretty epic 4th of July parties, then I got pregnant, then covid. Well, my friend Raven was visiting and demanded I host one, so I invited the old 4th crew out for one. It was WAY less drunken vibes haha! It was much more chill. I took the most annoying and unexpected photos.

And we had the most perfect cotton candy sky! Everyone was taking pictures!

Saturday we had a long boat day which led to Lord Fletcher's!

Sunday I was tired and a bit worn out from boating. Jake never tires of it, so he went out with my mom and Olive. I went down to meet them at the beach, and our neighbors let Olive play with their paddle board.

Monday Olive had daycare, and I had the day off. I started with the sweatiest walk ever. I thought I did 3 miles, but I did 2 lol. I was so hot and sweaty, I decided that was fine.

We went to Jake's brother's house after, and I made a poke cake for the first time. It was lemon, and it was pretty good. It was more work than it was tasty, so I won't share the recipe! HA!

Today we've been pretty lazy. Jake went to play golf, so Olive and I went to the park before the rain. I hope you had a nice weekend! Here's to a short week! Wahoo! BTW! I get to throw out the first pitch at the Twins Game this Sunday! If you're going, wish me luck!

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