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Falen's Holiday Vacation in a Bunch of Pics

We've been off for a while, and I feel excited to come back! My family came to visit for a few days and left on Christmas Eve. They live in Orlando. Luckily, they didn't have any flight issues. We had to hit MOA!

And played ping pong on our new pool table topper we got. So far it's been a big hit!

Then Jake's family came over for Christmas Eve. We played L, R, C which is always a hit and had Chinese food!

Christmas morning was so fun. Olive is at such a fun age. She got this little frog game, and we all enjoyed playing it even thought the sound is a bit annoying. Click here to find it online.

We also made some crafts with the craft kit we got Olive. You can find that here also.

I had a lot of time to do random things, so I met friends for coffee or dinner like E. White and Harry and Tina!

I painted a lot!

I rode the Peloton a lot. I watched 1883 because Jake really wanted me to, and it was good. I also re-watched Laguna Beach on Netflix. Whoa! What a blast from the past! I just started the Hills now. Jake took Olive skiing, and she's already a natural. They went to Highland.

Jake got a promotion at work, so we took Olive to a fancy dinner at Spoon and Stable which we never do, and of course she had to pee as soon as we left and were driving off.

I wore makeup once, and Jake took a picture. He truly captured my perfect posture:)

We met Jake's fam for some early cocktails at the prettiest bar in Mpls called Earl Giles, and we went to bed at 11p. We celebrated the East Coast New Year! LOL
I wrote out goals for myself, and I love the feeling of a fresh start!

Thank you for checking out my pictures, Happy New Year, talk to you in the morning!:) -Falen

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