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My Sound Effects Theater-Mad Libs Story By Request

We did this on the show this week, and someone asked to share it to use with their family, so here you go:)

Henry the elf was certain this was going to be the year Santa would have him working if the train assembly line. He could already imagine the sound of him tinkering and hammering _____, he could actually hear that steam coming out the top ___, and smell that coal pumping ____.

The day finally came. He received a letter from a carrier dove. He knew it had arrived because the dove always made this sound on deliveries___. He ripped open the letter and started to read/mumble it to himself_____.

All to find out…he was not selected for the train assembly line. He immediately reacted by yelling this_____. Then he continued reading. This year, he would be working on the funzy dolls. He never understood these dolls. He felt their catch phrases, when you pushed their bellies, were a bit odd. They said things like____, and____, and the worst of all_____.

He knew he didn’t have a choice though, so off to work he went. He didn’t think it could get worse, until he discovered ALL the elves in the funzy doll assembly line sang the same song over and over_____.

After one week, he set up a meeting with Santa. He knew he couldn’t do it anymore. The meeting arrived, and Henry entered Santa’s office. Santa greeted him by saying ____.

He explained the situation, and Santa said____.

He then referenced The Rolling Stones song____…and told him to quit wasting his time. Henry left and cried the whole way home____.

But he realized working in the funzy doll room was better than not having a job in Santa’s workshop at all, so he decided to suck it up. 25 years went by in the blink, and he got another letter via carrier dove____.

Letting him know the time had come…after years of hard work, he was being promoted…he’d now be working with…..the grizzly wizzly bearr?!?! He began screaming with anger and sadness!!!____ The end.

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