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Five Things to Delete from Your Computer Before You Quit a Job

A lot of us use our work computers and phones for personal stuff too. And there are probably some things you won't want on there when you eventually leave your job. But you can't just reformat and delete everything. 


So here's a helpful list of five things to delete if you're getting ready to quit . . .


1.  Personal files, like photos and tax documents. Make sure you back them up in the cloud, or on a personal device before you delete them.


2.  Your browser history. Don't leave embarrassing Google searches on there, or any record of websites you've visited.  (Especially the R-rated ones.)


3.  Any personal apps, software, or browser extensions. Someone else will eventually get your device. So the most important ones to delete or log out of involve finances, like Venmo and bank apps.


4.  Texting apps, like "Messages" and Google Hangouts. Especially if you've been texting friends during work, or talking about your boss behind their back.


5.  Passwords. Wipe them all, and make sure you disconnect things like your iCloud account and Google Sync too. 




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