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14 Behind-the-Scenes Facts from "Stranger Things" Season 4

By now, I'm sure you've binged all seven episodes of the first part of "Stranger Things" Season 4. While we wait for the second part to premiere on July 1st, here are some fun behind-the-scenes facts:


1.  Noah Schnapp has asked the Duffer Brothers multiple times to change Will's bowl haircut . . . but no luck.


2.  Millie Bobby Brown's shaved head is actually a wig . . . and it takes an hour to apply. But on season one, it was shaved for REAL.


3.  Brett Gelman, who plays conspiracy theorist Murray, spent three months in karate training since his character has a black belt.


4.  Sadie Sink would write in a journal for a few minutes every night as her character Max.


5.  Dacre Montgomery returned as Billy to confront Max. But they filmed separately and almost a year apart. Due to Covid restrictions, Dacre couldn't leave Australia, so his parts were filmed over Zoom.


6.  (Spoiler Alert)  Jamie Campbell Bower isolated himself before filming to get into character as the season's villain, Vecna. He also used post-it notes to remind himself of the character's motivations.


7. Speaking of Vecna, the transformation process would take around seven and half hours . . . which included lube for his slimy exterior.


8.  Joe Quinn's wig for Eddie was ORIGINALLY supposed to look like David Bowie's in "Labyrinth".



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