Best Local Espresso Beans to Make Coffee at Home

Feel free to add in the comments because I know there were a TON missed. I got an espresso maker for my house and was asking for the best LOCAL espresso (we got a Nespresso, and I did not like it...I'm sorry-I know others love theirs, and that's great!-I'm not a coffee pod gal)...anyway, here are the ones you sent ME!

From E. White, our night host and coffee lover: Bootstrap or Dogwood

Those 2, plus, Peace Coffee got the most mentions

Others I saw multiple times:

Edina Roasters (Jake just got their coffee and really loved it, so might try theirs)


Spyhouse (Orion is this person’s favorite)

Get Down Coffee

Round Table


Duluth Coffee Co

Wesley Andrews



Dunn Brothers



Five Watt

Black Rifle

Gus Dean (deliver to your door?)

Grounds and Hounds

JS Bean Factory St. Paul

Little Joy/Groundwire Coffee Roasters

Sweetwater Roasters

Wild Flyer


Shish in St. Paul

Ruby’s in Victoria

City Girl


Coffee and Beans LTD

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