Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 12/17-12/19

I took Friday off, and I did a little Christmas shopping, but the big part of my day was worrying about my girl, Elliott. She had a large mole on her back that needed to be removed. They also cleaned her teeth, and need to extract one, so she was pretty out of it when I picked her up. Thankfully she's on the road to recovery now!

To kill time I baked cookies ALL day. I've never done a full cookie baking day. It was fun and pretty exhausting lol. I made these adorable little santa cookies I found on Half Baked Harvest. Would have been cuter if I had the proper stuff to put on the icing, but still!

Saturday I had signed up for a class at Cooks of Crocus Hill in St. Paul with my friend, Harry. We mad Buche de Noel. It was a very fun class with a nice takeaway!

Jake's sister came over, and we hung out...Olive showed off her new wand from Disney on Ice, so it was a pretty great Saturday. Also, Hannah told us about a documentary on Hulu about a guy who murdered his roommate by stabbing her 27 times. He said he was sleep walking. That sounds insane, but it did seem kinda believable watching the show. It's a true story, so you might know the outcome. It's called "Dead Asleep" if you want to check it out.

Today we did some last minute Christmas shopping and took the kids to Skyzone. Plus, this picture is just...don't ask...lol Happy Early Christmas! Thank you for checking out my pictures!

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