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A Woman Made 28 Trades to Turn a Bobby Pin into a House!

I've seen these videos on TikTok, and they're crazy to me!

A 30-year-old woman on TikTok named Demi Skipper went viral for an elaborate challenge she created called the "Trade Me Project," where she turned a bobby pin into a house through 28 trades over a year and a half.

It was inspired by a story from a few years ago of a guy who went from a red paperclip to a house.

Demi started with a single bobby pin, and each time she traded up the exchanges got bigger and bigger.

She traded the bobby pin for a pair of earrings, which led to a set of glasses, then a vacuum, and a snowboard. Eventually she worked her way up to larger items, like cars, tractors, and a Chipotle "celebrity card" worth about $20,000.

Demi traded the Chipotle card for a trailer with a fridge and Tesla solar panels that was worth around $40,000. And she traded THAT for an actual house.

It's a small, modest place in Tennessee. But she plans to move there from California and fix it up. 

Click here to see all of her trades on TikTok!

(NBC News

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