Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 8/13-8/15

After our vacation, I had nothing on the calendar for the weekend which was nice, and it was a beautiful one. We went to Lake Ann on Friday to play on the playground with Olive. We went for a little walk after where Dillon almost flew off his long board into the lake! lol

By some miracle, I got my wedding bands off this weekend. I mentioned I got my engagement ring off a few weeks ago, but I couldn't get the band off, so I put it back on. They hadn't been off since before I had Olive. I just tried on Friday, and they came off. Now I'm going to get them resized. I'm a little worried though because as you can see, my ring area is weird and I'm afraid they will spin on that area if I get them larger. Also, I had a lot of people ask how I got them off, but like I said, it was just random...however, I had people tell me Windex!

Jake's sister came over for a bit on Saturday, and then we met his brother in Stillwater to just walk around and enjoy the weather.

Jake sent me this picture from his nice camera. His sister took it of me on our vacation, and he just went through his pics. Hannah is now my personal photographer! LOL

When I first had Olive, I signed up for a new mom class at Amma. I'm still in a group text with the moms from my group. I haven't seen them since the kids were turning 1, so I randomly asked if anyone was free Sunday morning and a few were, so we met at Clifton park in Plymouth. It was Helen and Rebecca's (twins) 2nd birthday! The girls enjoyed this highly unsanitary water:)
Also, I painted our laundry room a few months ago and forgot to share, but it's up on my Instagram now @falenkdwb

Thank you for checking out my pics:)

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