Falen's Long Weekend in 6 Pictures 5/28-5/31

It's been a long weekend in the best way, but I feel like I always have to ask Jake what we did on Friday. Haha
We went over to my friend Wynne's house for a bonfire for her birthday! I made her this little gift, and I thought it could be a cute one for you to try. I made the New York Times shortcakes for this. The Towel and berry container are from Patina!

Saturday we had breakfast with Jake's aunt because she was in town visiting. We hung out at his brother's first to kill time. The reservations were at 11a, and we usually eat breakfast by 8! haha

I was also very excited to see my first peony popping! Peonies are my favorite flower, and they are ALL over at our new house which excites me. This is actually one of three we planted when we moved in last year, and it makes me happy to see it is the first to pop. I wish peonies lasted longer throughout the season!

We had Jake's brother and his gf, Laura over Saturday night. Davey bought brats, and they were probably the spiciest brats I've ever had. We were all dying. When we looked at them, they actually had fire in the name, so there ya go! Olive has been "working out" with Jake in the morning. They do push-ups and hang from the pull-up bar. It's pretty adorable. They also go "night, night" randomly throughout the day.

Sunday night we finished Mare of Easttown on HBO, and it was so great. HBO has been impressing me with their short run shows lately! Today we hit the beach...

And went out on the boat with some friends. While this isn't my best photo...kids in life jackets are hilarious looking, so I had to share this one! I hope you had a great weekend!