We Had a Rough Day, And The Point is, Things Aren't Always Perfect!

I post a lot of cute pictures of Olive being silly and adorable. I don't always talk about everything else. I would say we've hit a groove as a family, and I don't have a lot to complain about, but I never want to give the impression that things are perfect. I've found myself going down the rabbit hole of questioning if I am feeding Olive the "right" foods...comparing myself to others who seemingly feed their kids perfect meals, and their kids LOVE them. I've wondered if we watch too much TV etc. My point is, we aren't perfect, and NOBODY is. Even while knowing this, I still compare.

SO I wanted to share with you just in case you're doubting yourself that things aren't all daisies over here.
Last week, Olive had her 18 month shots, and she knows the doctors office now. As soon as we walked in, and they checked our temperature, she lost it. She cried the entire hour. She didn't even have to get shots.

Today was her first swimming lesson. As soon as we walked in, they took our temperature, and she immediately starting crying thinking it was the doctor again. I finally got her calmed after about 10 minutes. Things were good until we started the group pool activities. She was okay doing a couple of the things, but didn't want to do most. She cried the majority of the class and clung to me. I was embarrassed but also kept telling myself that it's her first class, and she's a baby. Of course, the other kids weren't crying, so I kept thinking they probably think she's "annoying or bad" or whatever. I'm sure they were thankful their kid wasn't crying, but realistically, I'm sure they could relate. The others in the class had already taken lessons. This was Olive's first, so why was I so hard on myself and also my daughter mentally?

I don't have a complete point here...I will say that Olive is FINALLY starting Daycare in April, and I am very thankful for that. It will be good for all of us. Also, we were all about Coco, Moana and Lion King, but she's officially into Frozen, so please send your prayers.

If you're having a day...or a week...or a month...or even a year;), know you aren't alone, and we've got this! *muffle cries into sleeve while eating an apple covered in so much peanut butter it's no longer considered a "healthy snack". *