Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 1/8-1/10

Fridays we usually get home earlier since we don't stay after to plan a show etc. SO I usually have time to go home and eat or workout or paint...sometimes all three. However, I was feeling SO tired. I zonked out, and it was the best decision ever! I slept HARD!

Friday Edith had to get her next round of shots, and it happened to be next to a great local pizza place, Lulu's Pizzeria. We've been twice now. I'm normally not a huge cheesecake fan, but theirs is SO good!

Speaking of Edith, here she is being cute!

We had an odd weekend that put us at Target/Cub 3 times total. We kept forgetting things. I've been trying to make smoothies for Olive most days for her afternoon snack. I'm not the best with coming up with dinners, and kinda stick to a lot of the same stuff, but I want to make sure she's getting in vegetables etc, and she loves smoothies. I needed to get her a cup with a straw and ingredients for a tortilla soup...and other stuff I, of course, kept forgetting. Speaking of the tortilla soup...

It was awesome! Click here for the recipe! Thanks to "B" for sending it to me. I could only find fire roasted tomatoes with chilis mixed in, so it was kinda spicy to me. I am weak though. My suggestion if you don't like spicy, and you can only find tomatoes with the chilis in, skip the extra can of chilis!

We started watching Dickinson season 2, and I think it's so funny. It's about Emily Dickinson, played by Haylee Steinfeld. It has Wiz Khalifa as the Grim Reaper, and a lot of hip hop, and it's a very funny take on it. Anyway...it was a pretty lame weekend honestly. We went for a nice winter walk today, and I got the BEST pic of Jake and Olive. I hope you had a great one too:)