Falen's Weekend in Five Photos 10/30-11/1

Hi! Wow...the wind! How was your Halloween? Have you already ripped your decorations down and started putting up Christmas stuff? We have! haha It isn't all up yet, but it's only a matter of time. Friday my mom picked me up from work to take me home because I didn't have my car. The Weinermobile was at the radio station, so we had to get a picture!

We also had a small pizza gathering for Jake's sister's birthday. I tried to get his sister and brother to toss Olive for a boomerang, but they are more responsible than me.

Saturday we woke up and put on our costumes. Here are two cute pics of the shepherds with a lamb. On my Instagram, you can see the classic photo of Olive crying as a lamb! haha @falenkdwb

We watched the Holidate on Netflix which was cheesy and good and way more raunchy than a Hallmark movie. We also started "The Queens Gambit" about a girl who is a prodigy chess player, and it's super good! I woke up this morning, and Jake had all of our Halloween stuff packed. We went to Target for some groceries, but we also had to get a Christmas scented candle and welcome mat! MERRY CHRISTMAS, YA FILTHY ANIMALS!