A List of Things I am Using For Olive/She Likes

Hi! I've been trying to get better at putting things people regularly ask me about in one place. My top questions are surrounding my hemmhorids. hehe...that video is on my Instagram IGTV. I get asked a lot about my air fryer and things I'm wearing, but I also get asked about things Olive likes. The latest one was boots. So Olive has spent most of her life sans shoes...haha, but I realize she is walking now and will need some winter boots. I'm honestly so surprised at the price of children's shoes. I've also had a hard time figuring out her size since her feet are so small. I found these boots on amazon, and they seem to be good so far. They definitely keep her feet warm. When I added these to my Amazon store, I decided I'd throw other items in people have asked me about.
A lot of items have been gifts, or purchased from Target or were hand-me-downs (bless friends with kids who give you their clothes!) SO click here for current items and past items I've found to be essential. I'll try to keep adding especially with the holidays around the corner.

These are toys she's loved in the past, but the top of the list are new ones and books she loves! Click here. The word book was a gift from her Aunt Kara, and she hits the little star in the corner and dances to it non-stop. She loves bouncing on the bee Steve got her. My mom got her those cups...they're only $4, and she is ALWAYS carrying one around.

And this should probably be on the other list, but these socks are neutral and super cute! They have the little traction pads on the bottom too! Click here.