Falen's Weekend in 5 Pictures 9/11-9/13

Well, we are exhausted. We are also feeling very thankful. We moved on Wednesday, and we've been unpacking like crazy. We knew we had guests coming over today for Olive's birthday party (her birthday is Tuesday), so that was good motivation. Also, I love putting everything in it's "home". Let me just say that the kitchen had the most boxes, and I still have no idea which cabinets and drawers half of the stuff is in! One of our first projects was changing out these lights in the kitchen.

I got my painting area set up, and I finally painted. I haven't in a couple of weeks because things have been packed up/we've been super busy! I get asked a lot now if I take lessons or what I use etc. I originally bought a Bob Ross painting kit. (I googled Bob Ross floral painting from Blick) It just comes with brushes and paint. Since then, I've purchased more brushes, paints, cleaners etc. I use textured paper specifically for oil paints. I never painted before quarantine. I didn't take classes or anything. I just look at a picture and try to painting it.

We have already found ALL the wildlife in our yard...squirrels, chipmunks, deer and also our window frog, Albert.

We switched Olive to milk from formula. It hasn't been great. She's been pretty miserable. We went straight to whole milk. We ended up getting lactose free whole milk yesterday, and it already seems to be better. We also got Ripple from Target that we might try. Today was Olive's party. The theme was doggy's and daisies. Weirdest theme, but it was cute! haha...we chose it because I was gonna do daisies, but she says doggy all the time. So it's "366 Dais-ies with Olive:) I loved this picture. Dave and Jenny look like adoring parents.

I'll probably post a few more on my Instagram: @falenkdwb and maybe add more to another blog on her real birthday! I cannot believe it's already been a year. I want to thank every one of you that has sent me tips, gifts, ideas, encouragement, kindness...in any form this last year and always really. I appreciate it so very much:)

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