My Art!

When quarantine started, I ordered a Bob Ross floral painting kit online from Dick Blick. I joked that I was going to be a painter. This is mostly a joke because I'm known for buying ALL the stuff for a new craft venture, like knitting, and not using it. I always try, but it never connects. Actually, stuff like adult coloring books just stress me out. I was surprised that I LOVE painting. I didn't get a dvd or instructions or anything. I just used the supplies in the kit and began painting. I try to paint every day and learn something new. I just look at photos I've taken or from Pinterest. I recently started putting a border around my paintings. In the beginning, I didn't know to do that, so I have finger prints on them all! haha

I have also been working on depth. I've watched some random youtube videos for that. I paint with oil, wet on wet. Most of my paintings are 1/4 or 1/2 of a sheet of oil paper which is a bit bigger than a normal piece of paper. I loved painting florals at first, and I still do, but I think I found my "style". The brownish landscapes seem to be the vibe I'm enjoying the most. SO this is a look at few pieces I've made over the past 2 months.

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