Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 6/26-6/28

We're about to head over to my mom's house for some Sunday Spaghetti soon! We're pretty tired today because the fireworks were next level last night until super late. Thankfully our dogs don't seem to be bothered by them, and they haven't woken up Olive yet. BUT we are definitely getting sick of it.

Friday, I was sitting on the couch and realized I had 3 minutes to get downstairs to hop on the Peloton to do the Dolly Parton ride. It kicked off with the "Coat of Many Colors", so I cried on the ride. It was a good one! I need to do the other two Dolly workouts they posted too.

Saturday morning we got up and walked around the lake. I took this photo, and I painted it later. It turned out pretty good! It was such a hot weekend. I was SO sweaty throughout this walk!

We came home and took a shower then met Jenny and her boyfriend, Andrew. Jake and I agreed we like him better than Jenny (he insisted on ordering the doughnut basket appetizer, so he's legit). We're hoping we can hang out with just him in the future...jk, but seriously, it's such a good feeling when your good friend gets a new significant other, and they turn out to be awesome! We're very happy for Jenny!

Roseville is doing a cool thing where they had local artists design roses. Then they placed them all over Roseville. You can grab a map at rosevilleinbloom.com, but we visited 5 different roses. It's something cool you can do and safe!

We went to an open house after that. We are NOT in a rush to move, but we're curious and decided to go see a house. This thing had 7 bathrooms. It was just TOO much! I mean...who needs 7 bathrooms? It wasn't a mansion or anything either. Do you ever go to an open house just to see? That's kinda why we went to this one. Curiosity.

Today was the joyous task of picking up dog stuff in the yard and getting rid of these demons. They really took over in this one area, and they're hard to get up because they're so thorny! I hope you had a better than average weekend:) haha AND I hope you stayed cool...my deodorant was truly tested.

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