How to Make Mother's Day Special in Quarantine!

The tradition in my family for Mother's Day is simple, but I love it. Every year, my mom, mamaw and sister (with me obvi) would go to our local nursery. We would walk around for at least an hour picking out flowers. It's funny because my mom and mamaw basically always got the same flowers. We'd usually grab lunch after, and I loved it. Since I've been away from home for quite a while, I haven't been able to participate, but my sister now brings her daughter. I was so excited to continue this tradition with my mom and Olive this year (and invite Jake's mom and sister), but things will be different. I know you are most likely sad that your plans will be different as well. SO I thought about a few things to try with your mom. Every mom is different, so here we go...

  1. Virtual Yoga with your mom. Peloton has free classes, but you could find a number of free classes online (This would NOT work for my mom)
  2. Find an online recipe to make together. I suggest looking at @zoebakes on Instagram. She has IGTV videos making recipes. Grab the ingredients, and drop them on her door. Then both pull it up online and do it together over video chat!
  3. Still drop flowers on her door, or plant flowers around her house for her!
  4. Do a drive by parade with your siblings.
  5. Watch a movie together virtually!
  6. Download the App House Party and play games together!
  7. Obviously drop off a meal or gift on her door!
  8. Make a handmade card like back in the day for her!
  9. Get your siblings to send you video clips and make a video for her.
  10. Write down a bunch of your favorite memories with her, and send it to her!
  11. Mow her lawn!
  12. Drop some cocktails/wine off on her doorstep!

A lot of these items can be mailed in advance too if she doesn't live here EXAMPLE: Send her a grocery gift card with the recipe list!

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