Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 1/31-2/2

We did it! We had our first night out away from Olive...the WHOLE night. We had a free hotel night we won, so we redeemed if Friday night, and my mom watched Olive. We drank champagne in our room, stuffed ourselves at dinner...watched the Taylor Swift documentary and 2 episodes of the Justin Bieber documentary and went to sleep at 8:30p!

Jake was very adamant about getting a 4-post bed because it seemed "fancy", and he'd never had one. It's hilarious because it was horrible for TV viewing!

We went to film some videos on Saturday at Potluck Food Hall at Rosedale. We've been lucky enough to film some videos for them, and it's been super fun. These are for national potato month in February! Sadly, Olive is not in the videos.

Olive has been quite obsessed with the dogs lately...Elliott DOES NOT like it, so we keep her away, but Dolly doesn't seem to mind:)

AND I did talk to my dad. I initially thought he was rushing into marriage, and while it is quick, I want him to be happy. She seems so nice, and he seems happy. That's what's important. I wasn't able to make it, but my bff, Sam, was. She sent me this pic:)

Thank you for checking out my pics! I'm gonna go stuff my face with food now! OH! AND Olive rolled for the first time this weekend. I missed the first part, but we were quite excited!

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