Oprah in The Twin Cities

Everyone keeps asking, "How Was OPRAH?"! She was amazing. First of all, I had no idea the Oprah event was an all day thing when I got tickets. When I found out on Friday, I was like...is this gonna be a huge WW ad? Well, they were the sponsor, and it was weaved throughout, but it was never in your face. They never said you should join, they didn't offer a "deal if you join today" or anything like that. That's why Oprah is so good at what she does. She's a phenomenal speaker, and boldly stated...she has enough money. She is trying to help others find their intentions. It's about how you can serve, and I loved the message. I took a lot away from her. The thing I wrote down was: Be responsible for the energy you bring into any space. As a negative person, that really hit me.

She had speakers throughout the event. We even had a little meditation. Can you imagine every seat in Xcel sold and a solid 60 seconds of silence? We did it! It was crazy and awesome.

Side Note: I've never seen crazier traffic going to Xcel EVER since I've lived here. She had Julianne Hough on to get us moving, and they turned all the bathrooms, except a couple, into Women's. YEP! They turned the men's rooms in to women's. Genius!

She randomly brought Suze Orman up, and she was only there for a few seconds...truly...and she of course had great tips. I wrote them down, and took a screen shot for you.

I also took a picture of a page in the workbook to use.

Finally, she had Tina Fey as a guest. I am a HUGE Tina Fey fan. I love her and her work. She is SO talented. She's also a WW member so it made sense? BUT I actually don't think it did. She was funny, but this event was a motivational event, so I didn't think she fit. I hate saying that because I love her so much, but Tina isn't a motivational person. I don't really think she's a vulnerable person. In fact, that's why I didn't love her book. I didn't feel like I got to know her at all reading it. Anyway, the other shows have The Rock, Gaga, Michelle Obama etc...so I think those people are a better fit, but that isn't to say she wasn't good. She was, and she still had some good points that I appreciated. What do you think? Were you there? Did you love it? I DID!!

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