Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 1/3-1/5

I went home to Indiana this weekend, and there were SO many firsts! SO it was SUPER hard to narrow this down to 5 pictures. I will have more than five here because I'm gonna show an old photo for comparison. The first, first was Olive's first airplane ride! She did so good!

The reason I went home this weekend was to attend a high school basketball game. They were honoring a team I was a cheerleader for. In 2000, we won Sectional Championships, and the following year, we won Sectionals and Regionals. I was a cheerleader for both teams, so they brought everyone down to honor them on the court. I haven't been back to my high school since I graduated I don't think. It was mostly the same with a few new additions.

One of the new additions is the radio station. One of the benefits of being from a small town is knowing everyone, so even though it was locked, they let me in:)

Olive met SO many people on her trip. She met my best friends from High School, My brother-in-law and nephew. She met cousins, and she met my dad (her papaw), my mamaw (her great mamaw), and my bff's brand new daugher, Hazel (her new bff). It was SUCH a busy but fun weekend. I hope you had a great one:) I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to see my pics!

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