Pictures From Christmas and This Weekend!

I will share some pictures from Christmas this year and also some pics from the weekend after.

This weekend was a blur, and I can barely remember what we did! haha...the highlight was definitely Steve and Kristy's Ugly Sweater Party!

At the party, I tried a creepy filter on Olive, and it was adorable!

Jake and I filmed a video for Potluck Food Hall in Rosedale on Friday. Excited for you to see it and our Hall Hacks!

We were idiots and went to breakfast Saturday morning. We had NO idea how bad the roads were. I drove incredibly slow and checked the news once home to see it was advised to stay off the roads!

AND today we hit MOA! I know a lot of people that live here say they don't ever go to MOA, but we go ALL the time! This was after Olive's nap:)

I hope you had a great Christmas or Hanukkah or any thing else you celebrate. We already took our decorations down. I'm doing the show alone Monday and Tuesday, and Thursday the whole gang is back together! Thanks for checking out my pics!

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