I'm Back, and I Have a TON of Pictures to Share!

OMG! I am actually writing a blog. I haven't done this in so long...I assume my writing will still be sub-par, but here we go! (Side Note: it's been so long, I had to text Tina to send me the website for blogging...I forgot! haha) I've been out for 11-weeks. As you might guess, there is a perma-dent on my couch from a lot of sitting. Oh and I had a baby! Her name is Olive, and she's pretty cute. I wouldn't call Olive a "chill baby"...tbh, she's pretty needy. I know all babies are needy, but now I GET IT! haha

I promise I won't ONLY talk babies, but since she's the new addition in my life, I do talk about her a lot...that could have something to do with my lack of other human interaction though. I'm so excited to be back. Normally, this blog would be a weekend in 5 pictures, but this one will have a bunch of pics (mostly of Olive). I have a bunch of other blog ideas coming up like products we have liked because a lot of people have asked and more!

While out, I learned a lot about myself. I didn't get to listen to the show a ton, but I know Lena did an amazing job filing in. I was never concerned with that because A. Dave knows what he's doing, and B. Lena is SO incredibly talented. I consider her a friend, and have always followed her other endeavors. I'm a big fan of her "Labeled" series online! Thankfully, she was available. One thing I kept seeing is how positive and kind Lena is. People liked hearing that on their morning drive. That makes complete sense. I think at first that hurt to hear...like do people not like me (which obviously some people don't and never will. That goes along with the gig)? BUT I decided that it could be a learning experience. Hey, I'm still learning.

Thanks to everyone for reaching out while I was gone. It was another reminder how much you care, and how lucky I am to have you in my life. Thank you! I'm so happy to be back on the show!

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