Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 8/30-9/2

This was a nice relaxing weekend, and I'm so thankful for the weather we've had lately. Jake's aunt recently moved to Ohio, and she was in town this weekend to visit, so we had dinner with her. I had a long list of stuff I wanted to get done before the baby arrives (yep, nesting), so we did a lot of that this weekend. I cleaned all the stair banisters and cleaned out the fridge. The stair banisters are white, so they build up hand grime. Also, since our spare room is now a nursery, we took the spare room in the basement, and cleaned it up and built a bed for it!

Saturday we checked a bunch of other things of my to-do list. I cleaned all the light fixtures, cleaned out the freezer, sanitized bottles and pacifiers...cleaned bedding etc. Plus, I finally had lunch with my friend, Harry. Harry studied in Ireland for the past year, and I'm SO happy he's home!

Saturday night we decided to go to the fair. The traffic wasn't bad at all, but it was CRAZY busy of course. I was surprised the diary building line for ice cream wasn't long. I've always been told it's the best ice cream, but I've never wanted to wait in the line. I finally got a caramel sundae, and it was truly amazing!

Sunday I turned 38-weeks pregnant! I also started going numb in my arms and hands. I've been told this is very normal. I had a bunch of people message me and tell me they had the same thing happen. It should go away after I give birth. It might take a few weeks, but it should be good. It's just weird to have that tingling feeling. Our night host, Colt, and his wife, Jenn, had their baby shower on Sunday. I am so excited for them. They're about 6-weeks behind me.

This morning Jake went for an 11-mile run. He said people were high-fiving him, and they were saying things like "you got this, man". He had no idea why. He was like...I had a good pace etc. I went to get coffee and passed him and snagged this pic. This is why people were saying that! Haha OUCH! He had tried band-aids before, but they come off. Dave is bringing him some nipple guards tomorrow. We hit the dog park and over-ate today. I hope you had a great weekend:) Thanks for looking at my pictures...sorry if Jake's nips are gross!



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