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Heartbroken Podcast: Listen: Kelsey

In this week's episode: Kelsey was in love with her best friend for 7-years. He ghosted her twice, and she took him back both times. There is a twist in this one! You can also listen on iTunes:)

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Upcoming episodes:

9/6: Anna and her husband got married, and they quickly got pregnant. They found out at their 10-week appointment they had lost the baby.

9/13: Matt was dating a girl, and he says she was the best and worst thing that ever happened to him. The day before he was going to propose, he found out she was cheating on him for the 2nd time.

9/20: Chantel met her bff, Kelly, at summer camp in 7th grade. They were best friends for 19 years, and then she passed away.

9/27: Julia and her husband have been together for 9-years. They were married a year ago, but now she’s in the middle of the craziest part of her life.

10/4: Haley blocked her 2-year relationship out of her mind. When she finally sat down and thought about what really happened later, that’s when she went through the heartbreak.

10/11: Michelle was in a perfect relationship, but it was bad when it ended. The breakup has been going on for 2-years now.

10/18: Amanda has been with her boyfriend for 3-years. She is moving across the country, and she just decided it was best to go their separate ways and for him to stay behind. She was tired of coming second to things like video games.

10/25: Alicia grew up with a chaotic, dysfunctional and somewhat traumatic childhood dealing with her father who had a mental illness.

11/1: Amanda was in a 4-year relationship, and then her boyfriend came back from a bachelor party In Vegas and broke it off.

11/8: Kate discusses her relationship that involved domestic violence within a same sex relationship and trauma bonding and how it can increase the violence.

11/15: Lauren was engaged to be married. She realized she didn’t want to settle for mediocrity which is hard when it isn’t bad enough to break up , but deep down you know it isn’t good enough to keep going.

11/22: Rae’s son, Parker, was born 6-weeks early, and she had an abnormal pregnancy. After being in the NICU for 2-weeks, she thought everything would be perfectly normal…just like every other mom bringing their baby home…but it wasn’t.

11/29: Jaclyn dated her boyfriend for 2 years. One day she came home from work, and he told her he couldn’t do it anymore, and he left. He Venmo’d her rent money, and she hasn’t seen or spoken to him since.

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