Updates! I'm 34-Weeks!


I am officially 34-weeks pregnant as of Sunday. Let me tell you that the "nesting" is in full swing. I have this constant worry that I should be doing or prepping something. I have a baby shower next weekend which seems like 7-years away because I have some necessities left on my registry, and I just want to go out and buy them all so that everything is set and ready. I am not going to obviously, but it is stressing me out. We haven't set up the monitor, so I keep thinking about that, and until last night, we hadn't set up the car seat. SO we set that up last night. We went with the UPPABaby Mesa. We're gonna get the stroller system that goes with it too which is one of the items I still need to get. We chose it because it was recommended with about 3 others, and after looking at the three, we liked the stroller system that fit it best. We are planning to stop by a fire station as well to make sure it's installed properly. Although, it seems pretty fool proof. It was quite easy to install. It even shows a green panel when it's in right, red if it isn't.

As far as how I'm feeling? I'm good. My stomach is so huge. I can't believe how big it's gotten even in the past few weeks. I read that the baby is the size of a tickle me Elmo now which is horrific...I still haven't had specific cravings really, but I've always loved sweets, and I'm definitely wanting some type of sweet every day. We found a family doctor yesterday at North Memorial Health. I realize I'm set. It's just crazy how soon she'll be here.

As far as the "roids" go...I'm good! I feel like they are pretty good. There hasn't been any pain or discomfort for days. Going to the bathroom is a little weird still, but not painful.



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