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Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 7/4-7/7

I hope you had a great holiday! I hope you at least got some time off of work and had some delicious food, or hung with friends and family, or maybe you were super lucky and got it ALL!

I was very lucky and took a trip to Laguna Beach (our first time to that area of CA). It's our last trip other than a quick weekend trip to Indiana for a baby shower we're taking before our daughter arrives.

I had a lot of time to think on the trip because it was a beach trip. The last few vacations have been sight-seeing trips, so it's a lot of go, go, go...but not this time. I love getting away because my mind immediately clicks into a creative zone. I can be on the airplane to a destination and already have ideas for our show. It's important to take time away from work regardless of what you do, but as someone who works in a creative workplace, I know it's necessary.

SO before I dive into my pictures I just wanted to take a minute to talk about life a bit...a wonderful woman named, Ashley Cohn, lost her battle with cancer this week. I knew Ashley only a bit through Paul. Paul went to school with Ashley, so when we were dating, I went to a party at her house, would see her at occasional friend gatherings, and then later, she was an instructor at a place I took a few work out classes at. She was a photographer, and she was a truly kind human. She was younger than me, and I couldn't believe it when I saw the Facebook post. Without even truly being a part of her life, I just felt for her family and her friends. I started thinking about how I'd been frustrated with a work email from my boss that week. I kept letting it bother me because I didn't get something simple I wanted. I started thinking about how I get upset pretty easily all the time actually. I let things that are so pointless consume me. I remember reading the article Taylor Swift did not too long ago where she mentions how her mom's cancer really put things into perspective on what's a real problem and what isn't. I know it won't be an over-night fix, but I hope I can remember what's really important and what really just isn't. ANYWAY, I think I realized I want to be on my phone less (unless i'm listening to a book or an educational/motivational podcast because that's where I have everything)...it really isn't the end of the world if I respond to people on Instagram within minutes...I'll do it at some point that day.

Wow...sorry to write so much! I feel like I have a lot to say! haha! While on the trip, I sold out my Heartbroken Podcast Live event which is insane...and I did a bunch of beaching...so here's me in all my glory in a cute bathing suit from (Kortni Jeane). These bottoms are 1 of like 4 maternity things I have. (I have 1 pair of maternity leggings, 1 maternity tank top, 1 pair of Good American maternity jeans and a dress that was a gift from Dave's wife, Susan, because she is the sweetest EVER...I have been thriving in maxi dresses!)

We spent a lot of time at both the beach and the pool-our room was perfectly located with minimal walking for me, but it was hard to sit/lay on the sand for very long. Oh and I listened to the book "Verity" which I highly recommend!

I ordered a watermelon shaved ice, and there is no other point to this picture other than it was glorious. AND because it was warm, the ice melted giving it that perfect syrup/ice ratio quicker.

Our second night there, we ate at a place called Nick's which was a recommendation on Instagram. OMG! It was so amazing. We loved it so much we went back a second time. The best part was a warm butter cake for dessert...wow!

I wanted a pic of us together on the 4th of July, and we grabbed the right people on the beach. A girl was taking it, and her mom came over and started scolding her. She told her it was too back-lit...then asked people to move so they wouldn't be in the background...so basically, she helped us grab this great shot! (The Dress is from Red Dress online)

Some recommendations: If you plan a trip to Laguna, we really didn't do a lot, but we ate at some great places like Nicks, and 230. The main area has a ton to do. We tried a bunch of coffee spots, but the most popular and best was definitely Laguna Coffee Company. Dogs are EVERYWHERE and off-leash...even in stores and restaurants. I found a cute store where I got a shirt, barrette and a necklace for my mom called Amenahdesigns.com

Also, we didn't rent a car...basically everything is within 1-mile...we took quick Ubers and walked!

Thanks for checking out my pics:)

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