A better look at the BABY!

Today Jake and I went to Enlightened 4D Imaging to get a better look at our daughter. This goes back to me not realizing what happens in real life with pregnancy and babies. I assumed you had an ultrasound every time you went to the doctor. Now I know that isn't the case at all. So far, I've only had 2. I had one at the first visit, and then another at 20-weeks. I also don't think you get the 4D shots without maybe asking(?) or going somewhere else like I did. I'm learning a lot. Anyway, for my birthday, Jake purchased a 4D session. Today we got to see her a bit better:) I realize these pictures are kinda weird...especially when it isn't your baby! Dillon thought it was kinda gross! haha

Also, if you're new to this like me, I learned that insurance will cover (at least most will) a breast pump, and some even cover a car seat. We already purchased the car seat, but I totally asked for a pump today. I used milkmoms.com. A co-worker of Jake's recommended them, and it was super easy to work with them. Again, I am not paid by anyone for any of these recommendations, they are just things I've discovered along the way and wanted to pass on.



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