Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 4/26-4/28

I've always been a sweets person. I love them. I crave them. Being pregnant is no different. I want them. I am trying to be very conscious about what I'm eating. I don't want to "eat for 2" and have 100lbs to lose when I give birth. I also want chocolate chip cookies. I kept seeing this recipe from an Instagram called KaleJunkie, so I made these "healthy" cookies. The recipe says it makes 10-12 cookies...mine made 21? AND THANK GOD! Once I did the math...it was like 168 calories per cookie. I realize it's cleaner ingredients, but c'mon! It would have been almost 400 per cookie if I only made 10-12 like her recipe said. I'm so confused. They turned out pretty good, and they do have protein etc in them? I don't know. I suppose they're "better' because they're paleo and GF? Click here for the recipe...

While the cookie dough was sitting in the fridge, I went and rode the Peloton. I've been doing, at the very least ,30 minute walks every day. This is the first time this week I rode the bike, and I just love it!

Friday night we had dinner with friends, and on Saturday morning, I met Tina for breakfast. We went to Lynhall and had a delicious breakfast. The plan was to walk around the lake after. Once we started walking, we realized it was way too cold and windy, so that was short lived.

Obviously, I had to hit up the mall since I'm going to Paris this week, so I bought a couple more clothing items and some makeup. Saturday night it was a Gotler Session...we met up with Jake's sister and brother for dinner.

This photo was a re-take because I swear in the first one, the sun was shining on my forehead mole like a damn spotlight! Anyway, I just at Shake Shack (balance?) and am prepping for A HUGE episode tonight for GOT! I hope you had a good weekend:) AND Side Note-Send Dave a congrats if you get a chance! He received a huge award on Saturday night from Toastmasters!



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