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Falen's Holiday/Vacation in a bunch of pictures!

WHOA! I'm back! I've been sleeping ALL day, so I'm a little afraid it's gonna be hard to go to sleep tonight and get up early for the show. Friday when I left the show before Christmas, I went to work out with Jerome and then did a 1-hour bell ringing at MOA. 

I binged a show on Netflix with the kid that played Ron in the Harry Potter series (Sick Note). I rode my Peloton a couple of times, but man I was a slug. Then, we prepped Christmas Eve dinner for Jake's family. I was so stressed. I wanted it to be perfect, and we were making a bunch of recipes. I think everything turned out pretty good. One thing I was proud of was the punch (we added champagne). I took a bundt cake pan and poured real cranberries in it. Then I put orange and lemon slices around. I added some rosemary and topped it with 3 cups of cranberry juice. Then, I added some water to cover the fruit and froze it for 24 hours. I put it in a punch bowl and added cranberry juice, orange juice, pomegranate juice and ginger ale. It was pretty good!

I Christmas morning, we had Dillon. We had him open presents and stockings, but then we noticed a present hidden by the couch...it was his XBox, and he was SO excited. It was so cute. Now he doesn't leave his room, so there's that...

Jake and I tried to get a photo of us with the dogs for our first Christmas as a married couple...poor Elliott...

After Christmas, Jake and I went to New York for a fun weekend trip. We ordered pizza in bed-Home Alone Style...

We saw two Broadway shows. We saw Mean Girls and Pretty Woman. I liked both, but Mean Girls was better. 

We had fondue in a Yurt.

We saw the Rockefeller tree of course! AND we went to the top of the rock to see the city. 

We came home on New Years Eve morning, and I hosted a party at Seven downtown. Tina hosted a little pre-celebration at her house. ALSO, Harry is in town visiting for the holidays, so I was beyond excited to hang out with him!

I read a lot of my book club book. It's strange, and I LOVE it! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I truly do. I know the holidays aren't all bright and exciting for everyone. I've had a handful of the sad ones. I hope you're going into 2019 with a fresh and excited outlook...I am. AND thank you for supporting me for another year here at KDWB. I truly can't imagine being anywhere else. Thanks for checking out my pics:)

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