This potato explained...

My random day yesterday...

I went to a barbell class at Life Time, so I went home and just wanted to take a bath. We've been trying to give Dolly, our rescue, a little more freedom. For instance, we let her sleep in the bed with us as opposed to the kennel next to us now. However, she is still a super naughty girl, so while I'm at work, we put her in the kennel.
Yesterday, she was roaming, and I knew she was up to no good. I got out, and I found this. It was originally on the kitchen counter wrapped in plastic. REALLY?! I know they're good for dogs, but REALLY?! She also ate my Harry Styles concert tickets in her rage. Luckily, that concert was over. 

I've been trying to clean it up because I have a goal to lose a certain number of lbs by September. I'm doing well, but of course, there is the 4th, and I have a couple of vacations coming up in August, and then there's the State Fair! UGH! BUT I'm trying. With that said, I decided to try a cauliflower crust pizza. Steve makes them, and I give him crap. I bought this pre-made crust at Trader Joes! I got a lot of questions. It was good. It wasn't as good as regular crust obviously. It was crispy, but only because I followed the instructions carefully. You cook the crust on both sides first before adding the toppings. I was also told they have them at Costco with the cheese and veggies on already, so I'm gonna try that too!

FYI-that basil is from my garden! Whoohoo!



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