When you're bullied by an elementary school principal

I had embarrassing moments growing up, and I had kids say mean things to me, but for the most part, I wouldn't say I was ever bullied. It breaks my heart to hear so many stories about this leading to suicide. I've watched shows like "13 Reasons Why", I've read horrible comments on YouTube videos my niece has published. I've talked to my boyfriend's 10-year-old son about his experiences with it. 

How has this become a part of lives? How? Nobody thinks their kid could ever be a bully. However, I hope with everything going on, parents are taking a long hard look at their kids. I hope they are looking to make sure they are okay...kids don't like to share stuff with their parents. I hope you push though. I also hope you take a look at your kid, and make it your responsibility to teach them how to be a good and decent person who treats others with respect.

I get my fair share of "bullying" as an adult which is funny. If you read the first paragraph, you see I didn't deal with it as a kid. I deal with it as an adult. I get it from online trolls. It hurts even when eric69 on Twitter with an egg as his profile writes something awful to me. It makes me even more sad when it's carl420 on Instagram, and I look at his profile to see pics with his kids and realize this is the person they will learn from. Clearly, these are made up names, but you get my point. 

NOW let's go a step further...this week I got a message on my personal Facebook page from a local elementary school principal. He wrote a very hateful and hurtful message to me about my divorce. This is the principal of an elementary school. The leader that is molding and protecting your children. I was upset because it hurt my feelings. This is a person who doesn't know me or my ex and has no idea what happened. Then, I was upset that an adult was getting into online gossip about a local radio DJ. THEN, I was upset because he is supposed to be setting an example, and he's just as bad as any bully in school...but worse because he's an adult. I reported him to his boss. I won't be sharing his info because I assume deep down, the person he is is punishment enough. Plus, I would be as bad as him, and that just isn't what brings me joy.I know that it's easier to laugh with people to fit in instead of standing up for someone sometimes. I've gossiped with my friends, and I'm not proud of it. I can say I have never initiated a hateful comment to anyone on social media. I've never brought up something so personal and hurtful to someone I do or don't know and used it against them. 

I am thankful that the majority of us are good people. We make mistakes, but we do the best we can to lift others up as opposed to tearing them down. If you can say that about yourself, I think you're helping the greater cause. I thank you. Your kindness will affect others in a positive way, and that is so important especially now.



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