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A list of movies so scary, people can't finish them

People were saying "Veronica" was the scariest movie ever, so I had to watch it. I watched it alone, and it definitely creeped me out. Scariest ever? No. Someone asked me what I thought were the scariest, so first of all, I'm not into gore. So Hostile isn't my jam. I thought the Ring and Paranormal Activity were super scary. 

Well, Netflix has a new scary movie list. 

Netflix has come out with a list of movies that are supposedly so scary, people can't finish watching them. Basically, these are movies that a lot of people have turned off after watching them least 70% of the way through. 

To me, that could be because the movie sucks, or it's too gross...not because it's scary, but who knows?

Here's the list either way:

 (I've only seen 2 of these.)

1.  "Cabin Fever", 2016

2.  "Carnage Park", 2016

3.  "Mexico Barbaro", 2014

4.  "Piranha", 2010

5.  "Raw", 2016

6.  "Teeth", 2007

7.  "The Conjuring", 2013

8.  "The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence", 2011

9.  "The Void", 2016

10.  "Jeruzalem", 2015




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