Cleaning it up...

I run the Instagram account @mouthmeetsmpls with my boyfriend, Jake. Everyone is like, "OMG how do you eat all of that and not gain weight?"! Well, I have gained weight, but also, I don't eat EVERYTHING we post on there. Sometimes I eat a salad, and we post what Jake is eating etc. 

BUT I am not naturally skinny. At times when I've been thinner, I have had to work SUPER hard to be that way. Anyway, I don't want to count calories...I don't want to count points. I get the idea. Track, eat cleaner, smaller portions...and on and on. ALSO, I am not looking for any plans. I am just doing what I can to prep food and eat at home more often. I'm gonna try this for a while to see if there are changes. If there aren't, I'll readjust.

I had an old co-worker joke about "Star Party Slimdown" basically slimming down before our big event, Star Party. I thought that was a perfect goal to start with. The event is in early June, so I'm gonna set that as my first goal. I don't know how much I wanna lose. I think I just wanna feel better in my clothes. 

ANYWAY, I have 2 weekend trips planned. One is to Chicago, and one is to New York. I'm gonna eat like a fat a. on those trips. I mean c'mon!
Other than that, I really wanna do well. Jake is a great cook, so he prepped this breakfast for me this week. It's just sweet potatoes, onions and peppers with ground turkey (Italian seasoned)- so a hash with an egg on top. 

It looks gross, but it's amazing, and I look forward to it every morning.
I also made a Instant Pot (I finally bought one) barbacoa. Click here for the recipe.
I mix a little bit of that with some brown rice and pico. 

I've done about 30 minutes on the treadmill the past 2 days, so you know...I'm gettin' crazy. Weekends are the hardest for all of us, so we'll see how I do this weekend! 



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