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As a server, what's the most awkward date you've seen?

I asked on Facebook last week "As a server, what's the most awkward date you've ever seen?"...these were too good not to share!

Daniel- Not a server, but was out at a bar with some friends, notice what was clearly an awkward first tinder date, both saying very little and wouldn’t look at each other very much so we bought a round of drinks and some food for them the girl ended up saying “oh some of my friends are here” then proceeded to come to our table and hang out with us the rest of the night. He tried to stay for about 20 minutes then realized there was no hope and left 

Jess- This guy brought in his own chair and only had water the whole time.

Ashley- A guy and a girl came into the restaurant where I was working. It was awkward from the beginning. You could tell she was not having it at all. All of a sudden he pulls out a note and gives it to his date. She reads it and the date doesn’t go much further than that. Luckily for all of the staff, she left the note at the table. We read it and it was titled “100 reasons why I love you” One of the reasons literally read: “I love you because you know what’s up”. I can see why the date ended early. 

Marvin- A guy who was at least in his 70s dating a girl in her 20s. The painful thing was that she was trying to adhere his dentures back in his mouth at the table!!!!

Cindy- Guy went to bathroom and left girl with the bill. I also seen a girl throw a pitcher of pop in a guys face once.

Claire- I had a young man show up early for a date and he was clearly nervous so I served him a cocktail beforehand. When his date arrived, he was STOKED because she was a model...I’m talking exceptionally tall and thin, gorgeous physique, everything about her was almost too good to be true...regarding her appearance. Things started getting weird when every time I would approach the table, she would ask “if it’s okay” if she ordered a food item or a cocktail. She chased me down even when he went to the bathroom to ask me “if everything was okay.” Eventually, myself and my coworkers witnessed the date begin to go downhill- this woman WOULD NOT STOP TALKING ABOUT HERSELF. It finally got to the point that even though the man was trying so hard to just sit there and listen, he began to nod off and SHE HAD NO CLUE!

Matthew- One time I was bartending and I had a guy come in and sit at the bar and order a drink (double shot). I asked him what brought him in today and he told me that he was meeting up with the wife of the guy who has been having an affair with his wife. The lady shows up 20 minutes later and after I watch them show cell phone records, looked like credit card statements, they order a few rounds of drinks over this time and decide it was best to leave together and walk down the street to get their own room. Of course two wrongs don’t make a right but from the very beginning these two had some chemistry. I often wonder if they divorced their cheating spouses and started a relationship of their own. I guess we will never know. 

Monica- Not a server but a couple weeks ago my family was out to dinner and the table across from us there was a girl and a guy they had a young child with them and the girl spent the whole dinner taking care and playing with the young child as the guy sat on is laptop the whole time. I felt awkward for her as they didn't say but a few words to each other the whole time.

Erin- The girl was ugly crying the entire time. Clearly an unexpected breakup, but pretty awkward to interrupt for refills...

CarissaWhen my husband was serving, a woman complained about being cold and asked for the heat to be turned up. Not really an option to accommodate one person while sweating out the rest of the restaurant. She then asked for a bunch of cloth napkins and proceeded to fashion a cape and blanket with said napkins. Needless to say, her date was less than impressed with her crazy ass. 

Haley -My friend and I were in another state and she went on a tinder date at the hotel bar. I sat at the bar and watched them at their table across the restaurant. It didn't look like it was going well so I started ordering chocolate cake to continuously be delivered to their table.

Laura- The weird kid who would come in multiple times a week with a different girl each time. He'd pull up in a new corvette dressed in sweat pants with a different very pretty girl who was normally dressed up. Then one day he came in with a pregnant girl who did not look like the other girls.... he apparently created a hook up app... Must work pretty well

SamanthaI win. Crave, circa 2011. A man comes up to me and asks me to kick another guest out. Turns out, he wanted to kick out his fiancé (who was there for her bachelorette party) because she caught him there with his side-chick. Yes, you read correctly. He wanted to stay with his secret girlfriend and have his fiancé kicked out. She threw the ring at him and left with her friends. He stayed the rest of the night dancing til bar close with his secret girlfriend.

Brookelyn- I work at a fancier supper club. The guy had called and made reservations saying it wanted it special because he was going to propose to his girlfriend at dinner. When they came in, they were awkward and weird and he was probably 10 years older than she was. They weren’t dressed up at all to be where they were eating, or for anything “special”. They didn’t talk much. Not sure what happened, but he also never ended up proposing. We still wonder to this day what happened.

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