Falen's Florida Trip Pictures!

Day 1 in Daytona with my H.S besties was mostly filled with beach time. Day 1 was spent with Tiffany and Kim. 

Jessica and Samantha joined us the next day, and I found a bioluminescent tour to take. Basically, you kayak at night, and the comb jellies glow. They are not jellyfish, so they don't sting. It was so cool. You would run your hand through the water, and it would sparkle. There were two girls on our tour who were 99.9% on drugs and flipped their kayak. They lost their phones and shoes, and it was honestly hilarious. Although, I did feel bad about their phones. We sang Disney songs and had a great time!

The next morning, I found a cool Sugar Mill to check out. Each table has a griddle, so you make your own breakfast!

They also have the alleged "fountain of youth", so we did not miss an opportunity to dip our toes in that bad boy! AND I saw manatees! 

We went back to the beach for some more sun bathing...

Tiffany left the next morning which made us super sad, but before that, a bird pooped on me, and I lost my top on the beach. After she left, we had to check out the tallest lighthouse in Florida...because we're 100 years old now.

We quickly discovered how out of shape we are...but we made it to the top!



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