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Do you eat food in an odd way?

I never really think if I eat something "right". I get that ish in my mouth as fast as I can. BUT when it's actually broken down, some people eat their food in super weird ways!

A new survey asked people if they eat certain normal foods in strange ways.  Here are the results . . .


1.  21% of people don't peel their string cheese, they just bite the entire thing. (NOPE! I'm not a big string cheese person, but when I do eat it, I peel it!)

2.  14% eat ribs with a knife and fork. (WHAT?! NO!)


3.  19% eat macaroni and cheese with a spoon. (I would if it's all I had)


4.  18% eat pizza with a knife and fork. (BLASPHEMY!!)


5.  7% eat pizza crust first. (I RARELY even eat my crust)


6.  5% don't break apart Kit Kat bars and just take bites of the entire thing. (That's just strange)


7.  5% eat canned ravioli straight out of the can, cold. (Nope. I could see Dave doing this.)


8.  And 1% of people eat their cereal with milk and ice cubes. (Why? No.)




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