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Are you a magnet for mosquitoes? Now we know why they like you so much!

Mosquitoes...better known as the Minnesota state bird. They are obsessed with me. I can be covered in bug spray, and it doesn't matter. I am covered. They aren't little either. They turn into HUGE bumps. 

If you think you're a mosquito magnet this video demonstrates several reasons why they are always after you.

Now we all know they LOVE places like: ponds, lakes, puddles, or a little birdbath in your yard... But do you know why mosquitoes love some people more than others?

Here are a few things that make you an alluring snack: carbon dioxide, bacteria, clothes, body odor, and beer.

'Larger folks' expel a higher amount of carbon dioxide when exhaling, and mosquitoes can smell breath from over 50 yards away. Even pregnant women are preferred as they emit higher levels of CO₂ too. YIKES!

People who exercise, have just had a beer, or metabolize cholesterol quickly ooze CO₂. 

Even your natural body odor can attract or repel mosquitoes based on genes. Mosquitoes love bodies where certain scents are on the surface of skin —  Lactic acid, uric acid, bacteria, and sweat are favorites.

Plus, clothing that blends in with light tends to keep them away, while dark colors like black and blue are mosquito charmers.

Source: A Tip Hero

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