Jenny's MLK Weekend in Six Pics!

This weekend was filled with lots of fun things! First, my friends Rick and Jenny hosted "Kickball on Ice". They live on a lake and decided to throw a party that involved kickball, a sauna, fireworks, and burning of Christmas trees.

Lots of people came and went but here's a bunch of the crew that was there! To say we had a lot of fun would be an understatement :)

They rented this sauna for everyone to chill and stay warm in!

Andrew and I also had a baby shower for his friends Tina and Steven. It was at Venn Brewing which I had never been to but loved because it was a brewery/coffee shop combo.

It was such a fun weekend but was made even better because I watched Bleu for a couple days! He is the sweetest pup! We went on a couple walks and he even cooperated for some pics, lol!

Monday night I made a new healthy recipe! It was a Ground Turkey Sweet Potato skillet. I liked it a lot! If you want to try it for yourself here's the recipe!

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