Christmas Wish Update: New Shower for Candace and Granny

Earlier this year, the Dave Ryan Show's Christmas Wish granted a wish for Candace who was taking care of her elderly grandma that was in need of a new shower. Candace recently sent us a video with an update and we're so excited to see how good everything looks.

Dear The Dave Ryan in the Morning Show,

We are just writing to thank you once again for our life changing Christmas Wish. Our new shower for Granny is AMAZING!! There aren't enough words to thank you and Express our gratitude.

That first shower was AMAZING! Such an improvement from our old difficult routine. The hand rails are a game changer!! She feels so much safer and more comfortable getting in & out. The detachable shower head is so nice! It's re-positionable and she stays warm the whole shower. No more using a cup to rinse and wash her. Neither of us was exhausted after the shower. Granny is safe and clean and refreshed. It makes a world of difference!!

We made a progress video to share with our friends and family. We've tagged you on Instagram, but knowing how busy you are you guys probably get flooded with tags and shares and may not see it, so we are sending you the video here to share with you, and to again let you know what a major difference you've made it our lives.  

And we want you know as soon as we are in a position to pay it forward we absolutely will, with this and you in our hearts!! 

Thank you!!!

Granny, Wheezi, Candace, and family

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