Candace Chase McGuire & Granny's Christmas Wish

Dear KDWB,
I am writing to you about my friend Candace. I have known Candace for many years through my sister Chelsea. For as long as I have known Candace she has always been one of my favorite people to hang out with. She is always full of joy and she brings fun and laughter everywhere she goes. Candace has selflessly been a care taker for many years to her Granny who has progressing Alzheimer’s disease and even recently gave up her own career in order to take care of Granny full time. I have always been touched by Candace’s selflessness in the way she cares for Granny. Not only does Candace always put Granny’s needs before any of her own but she ensures every day that Granny is living her best life which you can see for yourself by following The Adventures of Granny and Wheezi (page they have created on Instagram and Facebook (Wheezi is the family bulldog everyone adores). It’s through these posts that you can see for yourself the love, laughter and joy Candace brings to her Granny’s life!
It was a recent post on Facebook from Candace that touched me so much. Candace posted a simple picture of her bathtub which is the type that has the hard metal framed sliding doors across it and in this post Candace said:
“Being a caregiver to someone with Alzheimer’s comes with challenges and difficulties that you can’t foresee until you are experiencing them firsthand. You learn to adapt little by little, doing the best you can along the way. Of all the tasks involved in caring for Granny weekly, my least favorite is showering. And I can say with confidence it is Granny’s least favorite as well. I despise this little cramped shower - from the lack of space to the steamy stifling wet heat involved in showering another human being. It is a struggle all the time and every time!
Candace then went on to say that she wished there was a home makeover show to help make houses more accessible for people with disabilities or people who have difficulty doing day to day things like Granny does. She said - If that ever becomes a thing sign us up.
Well as soon as I read this post I decided I needed to find a way to help Candace and her family so I am writing to KDWB Christmas wish in hopes that you can help by providing them with a handicap accessible shower or tub because I know caring for Granny is both physically and emotionally exhausting and I hope that by making this one difficult task a little easier on both Candace and Granny it will brighten up their spirits and can provide both of them with some much needed relief.
Thank you so much for everything you do to help others this time of year and thank you for considering Candace and her family who I believe could use some Christmas joy this year!

When we read this Wish, we knew we had to make it come true and thanks to our friends at Treasure Island Resort & Casino for helping to make it come true!!

For Candace & her Granny, Treasure Island Resort & Casino is getting them a brand new walk-in tub! This will be such a huge help to both Candace & her Granny!!

This holiday season we also got Candace a $200 gift card for groceries & gas. $100 target gift card for supplies needed to take care of Granny. $100 Masu Sushi & Robata Gift Card, 4 tickets to Flyover America at Mall of America & 4 tickets to SeaLife at Mall of America!

To celebrate Candace's upcoming birthday - a $150 spa experience & for Granny, wheel chair leg rests.

Listen to Dave grant this Wish for Candace & her Granny!

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