Tina's Paris Vacation Photos!


We hit the ground running in Paris. After checking into our bomb diggity Airbnb, we headed to Montmartre, which is my favorite area in all of Paris.

There is art everywhere, but there is a square in the middle that features work from amazingly local artists. We came 3 times searching for the artist that Falen & I bought art from last time, but unfortunately we missed him everyday.

Montmartre is BEAUTIFUL. We spent hours just walking up & down random streets.

I bought a whole baguette & ate it all. It was awesome.

We met up with Falen's tour group for dinner at La Bonne Franquette. It's right in Montmartre & we had WAYYYYYYYYY too much fun.

The endless supply of wine had nothing to do with it...

Sunday morning started with breakfast at Cafe de Flore. Literally everyone but me took amazing cute photos. I took a photo of the sugar packet.

Then it was time for DISNEY!!

I'm going to post a bunch of photos. I have a lot of thoughts about my experience, both positive & negative. If you're ever interested in going & want more info, DM me on Instagram (@tinarange)

Falen & Jake came for the first half of the day so we had a full crew! I had an absolute blast.

Also - BIG NEWS - I have a new favorite ride!! Hyperspace Mountain. Oh. My. GOD. If you've been to Disney World before, Hyperspace Mountain is basically if Space Mountain had a baby with Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. It. Is. INSANELY GOOD.

We had dinner at Bistrot Chez Remy in Disney Studios. If you're a fan of the movie Ratatouille, you've basically shrunk down to the size of a mouse to eat in Remy's restaurant. Good news for us Americas, they are currently adding this restaurant to Disney World in Florida!

Our last day in Paris was a busy one.

My second parents ended up being in Paris at the same time as me! It was so amazing be able to have breakfast with them & catch up.

We had the most amazing lunch at Pink Mamma! Another restaurant you probably need reservations for, or you can line up early before they open (there was a huge line).

We probably walked the whole city on our last day. It was the first & only day it didn't popcorn shower all day.

We dragged our aching bodies back to our Airbnb after buying a very large amount of cheese, bread, meats & fruits to eat for dinner. We had a packing party & headed to bed to wake up for our morning flights.

Check out my photos from London below!

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Tina's London Vacation Photos!

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