Tina's London Vacation Photos!


I was across the pond last week in London before traveling to Paris. Below are a bunch of pictures from my trip, I'll also do my best to include restaurant names because a lot of people asked me to share.

We had brunch at Aubaine on High Street Kensington. I think they have a few locations, but our Airbnb was in South Kensington.

Even though we arrived in the city at 10am, we couldn't check into our Airbnb till 3PM, so we spent all afternoon wandering around the city.

For dinner we went to Granger & Co. in Chelsea. There are also a few locations for Granger, I went to the one in Notting Hill last time with Falen. This is a pretty popular spot for some British celebrities. We sat next to Millie Mackintosh, who is on Made in Chelsea (basically the British version of The Hills).

I forgot to take a picture of the food before we destroyed it, but the wonton fried prawns were AWESOME.

Day 2 started at Sketch. The uber popular afternoon tea spot. Falen & I came here in 2016, it was kinda popular then, it's insane now. Just a ridiculous amount of people taking photos.

I do, however, still highly recommend having tea here if you are looking. It maybe isn't 100% traditional, but the environment, service & quality of food is top notch! The menu was completely different than the one I had in 2016, so it was exciting to eat there again.

We then had to walk off our massive afternoon tea, which included a little light shopping.

For dinner, we went for a traditional pub dinner. This was a local pub near us.

Day 3 started REALLY early with breakfast at Duck & Waffle. I've wanted to eat here for years, but getting reservations isn't easy. It's a small restaurant 40 stories up. We ended up with a 7:15AM breakfast reservation, but it was worth it.

If you can't get a reservation, they sometimes still let you go up to the bar area. It's worth it for the views & the insane elevator ride.

Honestly, day 3 was pretty much just about food. We wandered around a lot again & ended up on Carnaby Street, which is an excellent shopping area near Oxford Circus. We wandered into Pastaio, because I had been craving pasta & they make their's fresh every day!! It was awesome!

We ended the day back in South Kensington to pack before our train to Paris in the morning. We found a little cafe that had a "secret garden" in the back. It was the perfect spot for a light dinner.

Brompton Food Market in South Kensington.

But then we left dinner just to go buy more wine & chocolate for packing purposes. It, of course, started pouring rain.

Day 4 we were off the Paris!

If you're ever at St. Pancras taking the Eurostar, there is place for breakfast right across from the terminal that has awesome food!

On our way to Paris, we were bougie & sat in business class so we got a little meal on the way!

More pictures from Paris in my next post!

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Tina's Paris Vacation Photos!

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