Vont's Weekend In 5 Pics (3/1/24-3/3/24)

Kicking off Thursday, I was invited to Celebrity Reader Day at Monroe Elementary School. I read books to a few 3rd through 5th grade classes. It's so cool that they think I'm a "celebrity".

I spent the weekend back home in NYC. I saw my girlfriend for the first time in TWO MONTHS which was amazing. You have no idea how much I missed her...

I linked up with my friends in NYC. We walked around Little Italy, got Italian food and got cannoli's. I'd never had a cannoli before and I gotta be honest... I don't feel like I was missing much.

The reason I went home was to speak for a college radio/TV conference. I was a panelist so I got to discuss all the things I did in college and how it got me to KDWB. I was nominated for a few awards and I won one with my friend, Isabel, for the TV show we did together in college.

My girlfriend and I walked around the city. We got Hibachi at Benihana's in Times Square, got roasted peanuts, and took photos.

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