Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

This is the weekend for lots of Halloween parties, but how did Halloween get here so fast?? If you're like me and you're panicking about a last-minute costume, here are some ideas using things you may have around your house. (These ideas are from listeners who texted in as well as this site!)


IDENTITY THIEF: Wear all black, make a black eye mask out of an old black sock or nylons, and put a bunch of “Hello, My Name Is _____” stickers all over you

RACHEL GREEN: A black shirt and apron. Print out the “Central Perk” logo and pin it to the apron

MAN IN BLACK: Got a black suit, white shirt, black tie, and sunglasses? You’re good!

A TARGET BAG: cut the bottom off of the bag and wear it like a tank top

TRASH: wear a garbage bag and then bobby pin empty wrappers in your hair

A PRESENT: grab the biggest gift bag you can find, cut out the bottom, and put a bow on your head

INSTAGRAM DOG FILTER: Make two droopy dog ears from a paper bag/construction paper. Tape them to a headband or pin them in your hair. Draw on a black nose and whiskers. Get creative with the long tongue! Grab a box of Fruit by the Foot and use pieces of those throughout the party (you’ll end up eating them but whatever), tape a long piece of pink construction paper cut into a tongue shape onto your chin, or if you have party favors sitting around, use a red or pink party blower!

PANTONE COLOR: Find a dress, romper, suit, etc that’s all one color. Print out the Pantone logo on a piece of white paper and cut it into a slim rectangle. Tape it to yourself. Voila.

QUEEN OF HEARTS: Grab a red dress. Staple a deck of cards fanned around a circle of cardboard (leave a hole for your head and a gap of a few inches so you can put it on). Red lipstick in the shape of a heart and you’re set!

PAGEANT QUEEN/KING: Dress up all fancy-like, grab a sash made of a wide ribbon, cut up bed sheet, even toilet paper (if it’s not raining!), and write your pageant title on it. If you have a crown or tiara, put it on! Grab a bouquet of flowers on your way to the party!

ROSIE THE RIVETER: Blue or denim shirt, jeans, and a red bandana headband!

IT’S RAINING CATS & DOGS: Put on a raincoat or trenchcoat, carry an umbrella, and print out pics of cats and dogs and tape them to your coat or hang them from your umbrella!

Do you have other ideas for a last-minute costume? Leave them in the comments below! And I'll leave you with one of my favorite SNL videos because this has been me on multiple occasions.....

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